The Most Haunted Villages Around The World

Living in a nice pretty little village tucked away out in the rural back country somewhere doesn’t exactly sound like the stuff of nightmares. As much as that sounds like a good idea, it’s always best to check the area out and get a good feel for a place before splashing out on a nice little cottage. Sometimes things are not always as they seem no matter how inviting and attractive they look. From the outside things might seem quite normal and pleasant, but just like people, a village can sometimes be holding a very dark secret …

Kuldhara India

Kuldhara India Haunted Village

The abandoned village Kuldhara located in India is a very strange place to be. Much of it is now in ruins but the old buildings and streets can still be made out among the sun baked dried up dirt. The village established itself around the 13th century, was inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins. It was eventually abandoned in the early 19th century for unknown reasons, although there are plenty of legends and rumors …

Kuldhara remains abandoned today although it’s now a hot-spot for tourists and paranormal investigators. Investigators walking around the deserted streets and ruins have reported seeing strange apparitions and other unexplained phenomena. People claim that you’ll find yourself being grabbed and touched by an unseen presence lurking in the village. Investigators also claim that strange hand prints could be made out pressed all over their vehicles after they completed their investigations.

Beenleigh Historical Village Australia

Beenleigh Historical Village Haunted Village

The Beenleigh Historical Village consists of just 20 old heritage buildings that contain historical items left behind by the people who lived there dating back to the 1860s. The CEO of Beenleigh claims there have been many occurrences of strange goings on and many reports of ghostly sightings over the years.

Gaining a reputation for being haunted, paranormal investigators have investigated the area and revealed some creepy findings and photos. Investigators took a series photos from various locations around the haunted village which revealed dark shadow figures standing in the gardens along with faces in the windows.

Prince Albert South Africa

Prince Albert South Africa Haunted Village

Prince Albert, located in the Karoo, South Africa, has a reputation for being haunted by ‘friendly’ ghosts. There seems to be a lot of ghosts gathered in this historic village which dates back to the mid 17th century. Ghost tourism is popular and the haunted village offers a ghost tour for visitors that gives them a chance to meet the ghost of a young bride who lost her life the night before her wedding day. The young bride is said to be in good spirits and welcoming even though she suffered a tragic death.

It doesn’t stop there. The ghost tour also gives you a chance to see the presence of a young girl in at the Mearns House. The young girl ghost likes to jump up and down on her bed and again is in good spirits … Several other haunting’s in the village seem to be in good spirits and the village seems to be a nice place to live …

Belchite Spain

Belchite Spain Haunted Village

Belchite holds a very dark disturbing secret. The once thriving village suffered a terrible fate during the Spanish Civil War back in 1936. Thousands of people, including children, were murdered. The villagers were executed and ambushed by shell fire from the nearby surrounding hills. Thousands of women and children starved to death while having no drinking water due to the water supply being deliberately shut off. Some people were sealed up inside an underground olive oil press and left for death, while others were burned in the town’s square.

The haunted village has an overbearing presence of death, the locals report hearing strange noises and cries coming from the village in the night which makes it an uninviting place. People regularly report seeing ghostly figures lurking in the Belchite deserted back streets. It’s also said you can hear the desperate cries of a child calling out for their mother in the night.

Bramshott England

Bramshott England

The UK have lots of small villages and hamlets through its countryside away from the cities. It’s also fair to say that a good amount of these villages are haunted. Bramshott is a historic haunted village which has been around since the 11th century. The village has a history of high crime including murder and assault, much of which took place at the Seven Thorns inn back in the 1700s.

Bramshott is said to be home to around 17 ghosts who haunt various buildings and streets. One such ghost that is commonly seen by locals is that of a young boy who walks the roads and plays his flute. There’s also said to be the spirit of a boy who was murdered by a passer by back in the late 1700s, and the lonely ghost of Mistress Butler who has been spotted sitting on the riverbank where she committed suicide and drowned herself in 1745.