Disturbing Pictures Of Real Shadow People That Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

For years people have told creepy stories of dark mysterious shadow people visiting them in the night. There are many reports of people claiming to have had the same terrifying dream experiences. These nightmares feel real and happen frequently leaving many sufferers afraid to go asleep at night. The sleeper will suddenly feel a bad presence in the room and open their eyes. Overcome with fear you find yourself paralysed unable to move or scream, just looking around the room with your eyes. And then you see it, a dark entity lurking in the room begins to approach you. This goes on for a few seconds until you’re finally able to move and wake from the whole horror feeling disturbed.

Who these shadow people remain a mystery and one not likely to be solved anytime soon, however for some people it’s a real nightmare. Here are some disturbing pictures of shadow people that are sure to give you the creeps tonight.

Shadows In The Trees

shadow people
Zombie Road in Glencoe, Missouri, is famous for being the ‘Most Haunted Road’ in America. Dating back to the 1940’s, hundreds of people have reported seeing strange dark shadow people lurking in the trees and hilltops. Travellers and hikers visiting the area have even claimed they’ve been followed down the road by these shadow people before vanishing into thin air.

Prison Encounter

shadow people
Moundsville Prison, West Virginia, dates back to the 1860s and was notorious for its problems such as suicides, riots, and executions. It also has a reputation for being a bit of a paranormal hotspot with regular ghostly sightings. Paranormal investigator teams have taken a keen interest in the prison which was eventually shut down in the mid-1990s. The prison remains open today for tourists and paranormal teams to investigate.

The above picture was taken by the Mountaineer Paranormal group during one of their investigations of the prison and shows a shadow entity standing in the doorway. The team claimed there was no one around when the photo was taken and can’t account for the creepy apparition.

Waverly Hills Shadow Entity

shadow people

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has a reputation for being haunted and is known as the ‘Most Haunted Hospital’ in America. Waverly Hills has some regular hauntings which include the ghostly apparitions of Timmy, a young boy can be seen around the Sanatorium playing with a ball. There’s also the ghost of a nurse who committed suicide in the haunted room 502. The nurse committed suicide and jumped from the window of the room. Her screams and footsteps can be heard throughout the corridors at night.

This photograph was taken during a tour and is said to show Timmy playing in the corridors at Waverly Hills.

The Man In Black

Men in Black Shadow People

The shadowy men in black have always been a bit of a conspiracy among the UFO community. There are many reports of encounters with these government men dressed head to toe in black wearing hats and sunglasses. These men in black act strange and are said to come knocking on your door and warn you to keep quiet about UFO sightings and other strange occurrences. The above photo is a different kind of men in black sighting and shows a clear shadow figure.

A family visiting Trentham Cottage in Australia’s Port Arthur discovered the ghostly aspiration of a shadow man standing in the doorway on one of their photos. The figure has the typical “men in black” look wearing a sharp hat and suit. Could these shadow people be ghostly apparitions? Or could they be something more crazy like interdimensional watchers?