The Rocket Scientist Who Opened Up A Portal To The Underworld


If you know anything about the occult, then you’ll have probably heard of US rocket scientist Jack Parsons. What do technology and the occult have to do with each other? That’s a question many people have asked over the years, and one that could be stranger than fiction. For example, Germany’s advancement in technology during the Second World War was once put down to members of the infamous ‘Vril Society’ communicating with what they believed were highly advanced beings. Engineers and scientists working on German technology during the 1930s and 1940s had even admitted that they couldn’t take all the plaudits for Germany’s engineering success, they were given a hand by an unconfirmed source.

It’s widely believed that Hitler’s psychics were used to ‘channel’ information from alien beings who helped them build super advanced weaponry and propulsion systems way ahead of their time. Looking back at some of the Nazi photos and technical drawings of secret aircraft makes the subject of mixing occult practices and technology slightly more disturbing.

secret aircraft
One of Hitler’s secret advanced aircraft built in 1944

Jack Parsons gained fame for his advancements in rocket propulsion, but he also had a darker side and was known to be heavily involved with the occult. Parsons practiced black magick rituals and in particular something he called “The Babalon Working.” The Babalon Working was a similar ritual that was conducted by the famous black magician Aleister Crowley back in 1919. Crowley was said to have opened a portal which allowed him to communicate with a sinister looking inter-dimensional being named “Lam.” Crowley sketched “Lam” (below), which resembles the typical “Grey” alien images we see today in pop culture. It’s believed that after Crowley had finished his communications with Lam, he re-sealed the portal he had opened.


Parsons Babylon Working ritual took place decades later in 1946, but it didn’t quite go to plan. Not only had Parsons reopened the portal Crowley sealed years prior, he also managed to rip open an even bigger tear in the fabric of space and time. Due to his lack of preparation and knowledge, he was unable to close the portal unlike Crowley, and something evil was said to have flown through into our reality. It’s around this time that a sharp increase in UFO sightings and grey aliens started to be reported all over the United States. Parsons performed the ritual with his friend and fellow occultist Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. According to Parsons, strange things happened during the ritual.

“The light system of the house failed at about 9 pm. Another magician [Hubbard] who had been staying at the house and studying with me, was carrying a candle across the kitchen when he was struck strongly on the right shoulder, and the candle knocked out of his hand. He called me, and we observed a brownish yellow light about seven feet high in the kitchen. I brandished a magical sword and it disappeared. His right arm was paralysed for the rest of the night.”

Those who have studied the occult and black magick have theorised to what exactly Parsons had let fly through into our reality. While some believe he opened a star-gate to another planetary world, others think it may be something far more sinister. Crowley was known to have regularly communicated with demons during some of his rituals leading to claims Parsons may have opened what’s known as the “Pit” or “Underworld.” One thing for certain is that since Parsons and his “Babylon Working” rituals took place, aliens, UFO’s, demons, and satanic symbolism have never been so popular.