Angry Poltergeist Activity Footage Captured In Haunted Morgue

poltergeist footageWhen it comes to haunting’s, poltergeist haunting’s are the last thing you want on your hands. More often than not a poltergeist will super aggressive and enjoy scaring the living daylights out of you at every possible chance. Whether you believe in spirits or not, disturbingly there are hundreds of police reports of families being terrorized by these aggressive supernatural invisible phenomenon. A poltergeist will typically bang doors, throw cutlery and plates across the room, and even drag you out of bed by your feet while you’re sleeping at night. Poltergeist have been the inspiration behind many Hollywood horror movies over the years, some of them based on terrifying true stories.

The below footage is said to have been taken from a morgue in Brazil after security heard loud banging coming from the basement. The two security guards investigating the area discover the source of the banging and to their surprise can’t find any signs of an intruder in the building.