5 Creepy Photos That Have Never Been Explained

There’s no doubt that we live in a strange world, and when things get strange explanations go right out of the window. The mysterious nature of life and Earth has thrown up countless unexplainable events throughout history, some of which were captured with a camera. Here are some of those creepy photos that still to this day have never been properly explained.

Hook Island Sea Monster

sea monster

This giant monster tadpole was taken back in 1964 on Hook Island by the Le Serrec family. The image was taken while the Le Serrec’s visited Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island, in Queensland. The creature is was said to have been around 70ft in length and lifelessly floated towards the Le Serrec’s who were standing on the edge of a lagoon. As the creature got closer it suddenly started to move and opened its huge mouth before swimming away into the distance. To this day, no one knows what it was or has seen anything like it again.

The Coppers

creepy photos

The Cooper family photo has to be one of the strangest and creepiest looking photos you’re likely to ever see.
It’s said to have been taken back in 1950 and shows the Cooper’s sitting around a table enjoying a meal after moving to their new home in Texas. It’s said that while the photo was taken a body fell from the ceiling however you can clearly tell that the Coopers were unfazed by a hanging corpse. This lead to all kinds of theories as to what we can actually see in the picture. Many believe this photo to show a ghost or spirit, while others put it down to a double exposure fake even though that’s still not been proven. One thing for sure is that it’s pretty creepy!

Time Traveller

time traveller

Is time travel possible? This photo may well prove it is and has been doing the rounds for some time now, still without a logical explanation. Taken in 1941 at the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada, this photograph shows a man who clearly looks out of place for that time period. The man looks to be wearing a modern printed type of t-shirt, along with strange futuristic style sunglasses. Slightly more baffling than that is the camera he’s holding. You can clearly see the camera is quite modern and not a typical camera of the 1940’s.

Solway Firth Space Man

creepy photos

In 1964, Jim Templeton took three photographs of his daughter while on a day trip to Burgh Marsh, England. According to Templeton, after getting the photos developed he was shocked to find that one of the three images came back with what looks to be an astronaut standing behind his daughter. Templeton claims that no one else was around at the time when the photos were taken. Analysts at Kodak, where he had the photos developed, confirmed that the photograph was genuine and not a fake.

Hessdalen Lights

creepy photos

The Hessdalen lights are an impressive but strange phenomenon that only seems to occur in the Hessdalen valley, Norway. UFO enthusiasts claim the strange unexplained lights are caused by alien visitors visiting the area making it a UFO tourist attraction. Others believe it’s simply to do with mother nature and lay lines or materials found in the rocks causing electrical discharges. Either way, the Hessdalen Lights have still not officially been explained and continue to this day.